Alterations to Belfy

Installation of the Dollar Bells in Falkirk Parish Church

Illus : The 1926 Bells


In 1926 Robert Dollar gifted a set of thirteen bells to Falkirk Parish Church.  The stiffening of the floor and other necessary structural work in the tower was placed under the charge of J G Callander and took place in June.  The bells were cast in the McShane Foundry in Baltimore and arrived at Glasgow docks on 1 July 1926.  

Illus : The 1926 Clavier


.  Their installation was due to be undertaken by McShane’s own staff but difficulties arose and so the operations were conducted under the personal supervision of J G Callander.  It was he who devised the method of getting the bells up and into the church tower as well as the kind of scaffolding used for the purpose. 

The bells stand stationary in two tiers, the lighter seven being above.  The crowns terminate in conical pegs which are bolted to the wooden frame.  The clappers are connected by chains and metal tubes to a clavier from which the bells are chimed.  The work was completed by mid-September, when Robert Dollar visited Falkirk to attend the dedication service. 


G.B. Bailey, 2021