Bakery, Dalderse Avenue

for Grahamston & Bainsford Co-operative Society

The baking of good quality bread at a reasonable price was once one of the cornerstones of the co-operative movement throughout Britain.  After initial successes many of the area’s co-operatives upscaled production, baking bread for neighbouring societies, in order to reduce the unit price.  The Grahamston and Bainsford Co-operative Society had a small bakery in Dalderse Avenue and late in 1911 it decided to make a significant enlargement.  The design was put out to competition and in June 1912 J G Callander was chosen as the architect for the job.  There was little in the way of architectural embellishment.

As well as improvements to the working floor the development included a large extension containing a new board room, a manager’s rooms and offices on the first floor with a caretaker’s house below.  To help with the increased trade a new stable for thirteen horses was added with isolated loose boxes.  This arrangement followed the latest understanding in the care of these valuable beasts which formed the core of the delivery fleet.  The work was completed in August.  J G Callander made a further extension at the bakery in 1919.

Illus : The Grahamston & Bainsford Co-op Bakery in Dalderse Avenue (Falkirk Planning Dept).

Contractors (Office Extension) – Mason work – J Maxwell & Sons, Falkirk; Joiner work – J & P Dewar, Falkirk; Slater and Plaster work – Drummond & Crowe, Laurieston; Plumber work – D Draper & Sons, Falkirk; Glazier work – D O’May; Lath work – D Buchan, Falkirk; Painter work – O’Brien & Meek, Falkirk; Tile work – Youdon & Son, Glasgow; Electrical work – T Laurie & Co, Falkirk.

Contractors (Bakery) – Brick work – John Gardner; Joiner work – Kellock & Kilgour; Slater and Plaster work – Drummond & Crowe; Plumber work – J T Borland; tile work – T Youden & Sons Ltd, Glasgow; Lath work – William Harley; Glazier work – Ure & Patersons; Ovens – Werner, Pfleiderer & Perkins Ltd, Peterborough.

G.B . Bailey, 2021