Falkirk Parish Church, Manse Place –

Redecoration & Repair

At the end of September 1909 Falkirk Parish Church closed so that repair work could be undertaken on the interior of the building and it could be redecorated and cleaned.  Throughout September the congregation met at St Modan’s Church so that the men tasked with the work could do so uninterrupted.  J G Callander was placed in charge of producing the new colour schemes and supervising the work which cost a little over £400.  The work also included renovation of the organ and the installation of electric lights.

Illus : The Pulpit and main Windows in 2010 after further re-decoration in 2010.


The re-decoration was quite extensive.  The ceiling of the church was re-papered with white cartridge and it, together with the cornice and central ornament, was painted white.  Underneath the main cornice a painted heliotrope frieze was introduced, divided at regular intervals with ornamental gilded stencil panels on a dark blue ground.  All of the walls were painted in two colours, the upper part being buff and the lower portion in soft green.  To separate the two colours another heliotrope band with a blue stencil ornament was used, also divided with gilded panels similar to those in the frieze.  The apexes of all of the windows were provided with gilded scroll ornament set on a dark brown ground with a green band following the curves of these windows having a blue line on each side and a heliotrope margin.  Over the two main windows a scripture text in gold Gothic letters was placed.  A pale shade of blue was used for the upper part of the walls of the staircases, while the lower part was treated in an oak shade.  The choir platform and Session house were given new carpets and linoleums supplied by Christie and Miller. 

All of the pillars were gilded and the woodwork was varnished throughout.  The pulpit was cleaned and polished.  The emblematic dove over the canopy of the pulpit was re-gilded, as was the motto in front of the pulpit “We preach Christ Jesus, the Lord.”  The chandelier in the centre of the church had been used for gas and was allowed to remain as a 24-light electric fixture, each light being of 25 candle-power.  Six single-light pendants were suspended from the ceiling with seven underneath the gallery, each giving an equivalent of 50 candle-power.  The organ was cleaned and overhauled by A Merrilees of Glasgow and an electric motor introduced for driving the bellows instead of the old water powered engine. 

Contractors: Painting work – John Graham; Electrical Installation – Thomas Laurie & Co; Repairing and Cleaning Organ – J & A Merrilees & Sons, Glasgow.

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G.B. Bailey, 2021