Petrol Garage

in Callendar Road for Douglas Haston

Douglas Haston, motor hirer, Cow Wynd, applied at the Dean of Guild Court for warrant to erect a garage to cost £7,821 on Callendar Road at a point east of Belmont Lodge in April 1927.  Haston was accompanied by his architect, J G Callander.  The plans were found to be in order and warrant was granted.

Illus: Haston’s Garage in Callendar Road.

He had built up a business in Cow Wynd but the garage he was occupying was sold and he was not willing to pay the asking price.  The new garage in Callendar Road was ready for October 1928 and measured 79ft broad, 61ft long on the west side and 90ft on the east.  The premises extended to about 680 square yards, whereas the garage which he had left had been rebuilt and was about 480 square yards.  Haston appealed against a valuation of £75 for his new premises stating that it was not as good a site as his old one which captured traffic coming into the town from the south.  Worse still, J Millar had built a Ford dealership further along Callendar Road that year taking trade from him.

G.B. Bailey, 2021