Reconstruction of Cinema

Melville Street

Cinemas were an important source of news and propaganda during the war and so it is not surprising to find that “The Cinema” in Melville Street was partially reconstructed.   The work was completed in October 1917.  Externally it was conspicuous as the frontage was entirely rebuilt with two spacious entrances.  Internally the seating was rearranged for 700 and upholstered tip-up chairs introduced into the main part.  The enlarged picture screen was improved and the interior painted and redecorated.  The colour scheme was chosen by J G Callander after consultation with the client and consisted of apple green on the lower walls, divided into panels filled with tapestry of a floral design.

Contractors – brick work – J Maxwell & Sons; joiner work – Peter Cowan; cement work – David MacNair; plumber work – George Robertson; electrical work – David Crosland; painter work – Stevenson Fleming.

In March 1920 J G Callander was again the architect when the whole of stalls and the circle were refitted with tip-up chairs.

G.B. Bailey, 2021