11 Grahams Rd for Ironfounding Workers’ Association

With the rapid growth of industry at the beginning of the twentieth century the Central Ironmoulders’ Association found that its workload had increased considerably and that its rented accommodation in Newmarket Street was too cramped.  In December 1912 the union purchased the plumber’s premises of D Draper at 11 Grahams Road and converted it into offices.  Growth of its membership continued with many workers joining from outside of central Scotland.  To better reflect its membership, in 1926 it was renamed as the “Ironfounding Workers’ Association”.

Permission was given in January 1930 for the Ironfounding Workers’ Association to make alterations to their premises at Grahams Road at an estimated cost of £900.  The architect chosen was J G Callander.  The entire front façade was replaced in order to open the offices up to more natural lighting and to provide a more suitable impression.  A polished ashlar face with numerous windows, a pend, elaborate doorway and moulded parapet wall projected the grandeur and solidity of the people’s representatives.  Apart from the main entrance the margins of these apertures were plain, contrasting with the moulded frame extending up from the door surround to encompass the window above and an inscribed table in an inset panel

On 1 July 1946 the Ironfounding Workers Association amalgamated with the National Union of Foundry Workers of Great Britain and Ireland to become the Amalgamated Union of Foundry Workers.  In 1967 it in turn became part of the Amalgamated Union of Engineering and Foundry Workers.  With all of these mergers and declining iron industry in the Falkirk area it was decided to close the Falkirk office.  The building was briefly occupied by Grahamston Glazing Company before being demolished around 1998 as part of the enlargement of the adjacent retail park.

G.B. Bailey, 2021