The Manor, Brown Street

The first of many commissions for houses for the Alexander family came in 1921 when he was asked to design and construct a villa on the corner of Mansionhouse Road and Brown Street for Walter Alexander.  The site was less than 50m from the bus maintenance garage in Brown Street and so very convenient for the manager.

Illus : The Manor, detail.

The villa used red engineering brick for a basal plinth and in vertical columns at the corners and stretching up from the central doorway. The latter incorporates a small window roundel. Between them the walls are harled and whitewashed. The two single-storey bay windows have windows above them which break through the wide eaves to form truncated gablets – a form also seen on bungalows at Camelon Road and Major’s Place.

The overall effect is clean and unfussy, very much in the spirit of the age.

Today the building is used by the National Health Service.

G.B. Bailey, 2021