Dundas Church

Grangemouth Dundas Church(SMR 100)

NS 9290 8199


1893    Dundas United Presbyterian Church  1900

1900    Dundas United Free Church               1929

Dundas Church of Scotland

Grangemouth Dundas

2006    Abbotsgrange Parish Church

1893: Discontent in the Grange U.P. Church over the ordination of Rev. Robert Hamilton meant that a new congregation formed and took a lease of a hall from the West Church, minister ordained.

1894:  New church designed by John James Burnett of Burnett, Son and Campbell, architects, Glasgow, in the Transitional Gothic style.   It is dominated by a square tower with slated roof and parapet wall which occupies the north end of the building fronting Bo’ness Road.   A gallery and bell chamber are contained in the tower, at the base of which is situated the main entrance which takes the form of a picturesque wooden porch-way approached by a flight of steps.  The hall forms an offshoot from the church and is separated from it by large folding doors.   At the west end of the hall is the vestry and session house which are connected to the church by a cloister.   Cloister, hall and porch-way thus form a pleasing courtyard garden.   The walls of the church are of common rubble, plastered inside with a wooden dado 5ft high and dressed stone piers, arcade arches and window heads; the whole enclosed in an open timber roof.  The  chancel  at  the  south end of the church  with  its  three-light  window, provides accommodation for the choir,  a pulpit on the east,  baptismal font on the west,  and communion table in centre.   The church is 90ft long and 50ft wide, the nave being 24ft and the aisle 20ft.   Room was left for another aisle if required.  Total estimated cost £2,750 rose to c£4,000.

2006, June: Congregation united with Kerse Church to become Abbotsgrange Parish Church and church building taken over by a funeral undertaker.


Cast by John C. Wilson, Glasgow.


1894: Designed for 500, of which 76 were in the gallery and a further 150 in the hall.


See separate entry for stained glass.


May 1893

Sanderson, John 1902


Blair, Robert Leighton Thomas 1922

Nov 1922

MacMillan, Robert Sep 1928

Nov 1928

Patterson, Daniel Mar 1934

Sep 1934

Simpson, Ironside Nov 1938

Apr 1939

Mitchell, James Connor Dec 1944

Sep 1945

MacLeod, Allan MacInnes 1947

Apr 1948

Old, Allan MacArthur Dec 1951

Sep 1952

Patterson, Alexander Hutton Oct 1968

Sep 1969

Blair, Douglas Black

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