Cannon Made in Falkirk

The present location of ordnance made in Falkirk: smooth bore muzzle loading (SBML)

The attached table [Cannons Around the World]  presents the current known location of over 170 pieces of ordnance made at the either the Carron Iron Works or at the Falkirk Iron Works.  There will be many more out there and we would appreciate it if you could contact us to let us know the presence of any others – or to provide us with photographs.

Pendennis Castle 1 small
6-pdr Carron made cannon of 1812 on display at Pendennis Castle, Cornwall, recorded by Mark Malone, April 2019”.

One thought on “Cannon Made in Falkirk

  1. Hi I’ve come across a 6 lb 1812 cannon made by Carron company in pendennis castle Falmouth
    I’ve two pictures if you are interested in me sending them to you let me know you’re email address


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