St Modan’s Church Windows

St. Modan's (1)(SMR 208)


(1) 1917: Stained glass donated by Mr Callendar, clerk of works.

 (2) A window in the north chancel toSt. Modan's (2) War Memorial the memory of those who gave their lives in the two world wars was dedicated in November 1950.  It shows Christ the Redeemer freed from the Cross, symbolising His triumph over death.  He wears a crown of thorns and his body is in grey, contrasting with the colourful costumes of those around him.  The green cross suggests the Tree of Life rising from the water of Life.   At the top of it is the plaque reading “INRI”, and above that a golden crown.  The figures of the martyrs PETER (holding a key), ANDREW (the Gospel sideway son), CATHERINE (a feathered quill) and STEPHEN (a miniature church) surround the Cross in adoration.   The text along the bottom is from Revelation, chapter v., verse 9 – “THOU WAST SLAIN AND/ HAST REDEEMED US TO GOD BY THY BLOOD”.  A cross occurs to the left of this, and a communion cup to the right.  The basal panel contains a pelican signifying Sacrifice.  The pain and sacrifice of those who died in the wars was to make a better world.

Designed by William Wilson, Edinburgh, whose name occurs at the very base of the window.

See also St Modan’s Church War Memorial (page 4)

St. Modan's (3)
(3) West Window

(3-4) In March 1955 two windows were dedicated to the memory of John Dalgleish and Janet Nimmo Balloch, the husband and mother of the donor Mary Dalgleish.  They were set either side of the war memorial window.

(3) The west window shows the Baptism of Our Lord.  John is depicted as the rugged prophet from the desert pouring water on Christ’s head from the River Jordan in which Christ is standing.  The Holy Spirit descends as a dove from above in a ray of light.  The text “ECCE AGNVUS DEI” on a scroll on John’s staff is repeated in English “BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD” at the base of the window.  The lamb is depicted in a shield below the dove.  The basal panel contains a scroll with the words “TO the GLORY OF/ GOD and in memory/ of my husband/ JOHN DALGLEISH This/ window is given by Mary Dalgleish.”

St. Modan's (4)
East Window (4)

(4) The east window shows the risen Christ in an aura of glory, and is set against a background of the starry firmament.  The spiritual effect is obtained by a predominating blue note, contrasted with touches of bright red.  Christ bears the staff and banner of Resurrection (the cross of St George) and above is seen the morning star.  His words “I AM THE RESURRECTION/ AND THE LIFE” appear at the base of the window along with a shield showing the Phoenix rising from the flames.  A scroll at the left of this reads “To THE GLORY OF GOD/ and in memory/ of my mother JANET/ NIMMO BALLOCH/ This window is given by/ MARY DALGEISH.”  A small pane below that has “WILLIAM/ WILSON/ 1954”.

St. Modan's (4) detailWith the previous window the theme becomes first – Dedication; second – the witness of the Sacrifice for mankind; third – the Victory over death and the triumph of life everlasting.

William Wilson, designer.

These windows were removed from St Modan’s Church when the building was converted into apartments and have now been placed into the west wall of the old court at the Sheriff Court building – now the chapel of rest in Cuthell’s funeral home – on the corner of West Bridge Street and Hope Street.

G.B. Bailey (2019)