Gael Foundry

Abbotshaugh Foundry

Bainsford Foundry?

  • Gael Iron Co
  • Robertson & Whitelaw
  • Whitelaw, WR & Co
Illus: 1898 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

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1875:  Founded by Walter Whitelaw who went into partnership with Mr Robertson at the former Abbots Engine Works belonging to Thomas Sherriff (Edinburgh) adjacent to Abbot’s Foundry at Abbotshaugh.

1882: Foundry moved to the now empty Union Foundry at Lock 16 and the old site was advertised for sale or let in February.  An extensive fire in September did £300 worth of damage to the works and a large number of fire- range patterns were destroyed.  This was covered by insurance.

1883,  May: Agreement between Peter Hay Cameron, a solicitor in  Edinburgh  and Francis  Dickson, a chartered accountant of Edinburgh, for a new company to  pur­chase  the foundry and its accoutrements from Walter Whitelaw for £850 plus  20 shares.  A share capital of £5,000 made up of £5 shares to be provided.  Share­holders included Peter Hay Cameron – 100, Alexander Conacher – 40, Robert Orr – 5,  William  Cruickshanks of Edinburgh – 1, Robert Hamilton of Fintry,  an  iron merchant – 1, John Docherty Crockett of Linlithgow, a fireclay manufacturer – 1, Peter Keppie – 1, E H Craigie of Edinburgh, a metal merchant -1, Francis Dickson – 10, and John Conacher – 20.  In November 1884 the site, comprising one acre and 32.5 poles and a two-storey dwelling was put up for sale.

1888: Company wound up.  The Gael Foundry (Union Foundry site) later sold to Portdownie Iron Co.

The site of the original Gael Foundry was bought by Abbots Foundry Co., but was still in ruins in 1900.

Illus: The Gael Foundry looking south-west with the Forth & Clyde Canal in the foreground.


1879: 40

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