John Longbotham Ltd.

Sites & Monuments Record

Broomhill Road, BonnybridgeNS 824 800

John Longbotham set up a foundry in a building belonging to the Roughcastle Brickwork, melting in a 5cwt crucible in an oil-fired tilting furnace.  It produced a grade of grey iron and aluminium.  J Roughead, patternmaker, was the partner.  When the ground on which the building stood was required for an opencast coal operation new premises were sought.  A building on Broomhill Road was taken over from

Smith & Wellstood and a crane installed, enabling heavier castings to be produced.


1984: “Jobbing foundry producing grey iron up to Grade 300 (20), also SG iron.  Max. wt. 250kg.  Aluminium also cast.  General range of engineering castings.  Employment range 1-15.”  John Longbotham retired.

1998: With the closure of the Dunipace Foundry some of the jobs and equipment came here.  However, later that year the foundry at Bonnybridge closed.

G.B. Bailey, 2021