Abbotsgrange Middle School

This school building was erected in 1909 as the Grangemouth High School.  In August 1975 the burgh of Grangemouth introduced a new scheme which saw it becoming Abbotsgrange Middle School.  Together with Moray Middle School it catered for over 1700 pupils.  Six primary schools offered education for pupils up to the age of 10 (that is, classes P1 to P5).  The two middle schools catered for pupils between 10 and 14 years old, taking what had previously been the final two years in the primary school (P6 & P7, pupils aged 10–12) and the first two of secondary education (S1 and S2, aged 12–14).  Classes in these schools were renamed M1 to M4.

Falling rolls in schools across the area put the middle school experiment at risk and following consultation, rather than merge the two smaller middle schools, Central Regional Council decided to end the three-tier system.  In July 1988, Moray and Abbotsgrange Middle schools closed.  

Illus 2: Ordnance Survey Map of 1968/69 (National Library of Scotland) – misnamed Grangemouth High School.

The main block was converted into housing and the ancillary buildings were demolished and replaced by the housing of Bryden Court in the 1990s.

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