Larbert High School

In 1949 Larbert Central School (Larbert Senior Secondary School) become Larbert High School.  At the time temporary classrooms had been built to the south of the Main Street for the primary pupils and there was constant discussion about a complete reconstruction of the school complex.  In 1955 provision had to be made for school meals.

In November 1977, an extension to the school was opened at Carrongrange, around 500 metres from the Main Street campus.  This was a long N/S three-storey building in brown brick with a flat ribbed metal roof designed by Central Regional Council.

From 1977 to 2000, the school operated on a split-site basis, and this meant that between lessons, pupils had to walk (potentially up to five times per day), between the two buildings. This was criticised in the inspection of the school in 1999.  In 1998, Falkirk Council opted to consolidate the school on the Carrongrange site, removing the need for students to transfer between different buildings. This was funded by the Private Finance Initiative and designed and built by the Parr Partnership. In early 2000, the school was opened and the old buildings were demolished and the site sold for housing.  The extension was of pale buff blockwork enlivened by white and blue render and cladding with shallow-pitched roofs.  At the same time a school for children with special needs was erected on the site immediately to the north, called Carrongrange School.

In 2017 a replacement structure for Carrongrange School was opened in Grangemouth and the building at Larbert was incorporated into the High School.  As of August 2021 the school roll was 2,050 pupils.

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