Glenbervie Golf Clubhouse

Ten years after designing the golf clubhouse at the Falkirk Golf Course J G Callander was responsible for that at Glenbervie.  Like the earlier example it took the form of a bungalow set on a hill overlooking the greens.  Bay windows framed a veranda facing north-east.  Inside there was a large lounge and smoke room, a buffet, dining room, ladies’ lounge, ladies’ and gents’ locker rooms, driving room, heating chamber, kitchen server, committee room and lavatory accommodation – all on the ground floor, with club-master’s house above.  The estimated cost was put at about £3,000.

Illus: J G Callander presenting Mrs Allan with a chiming clock as a souvenir of the opening of Glenbervie Golf Clubhouse (Falkirk Herald 10 May 1933, 16).


Laying out the golf course began in August 1932 and the plans for the clubhouse were approved by the Dean of Guild Court that month.  It was formally opened on 5 May 1933 by Mrs Allan. 

Illus: Mrs Allan opening the door of the Clubhouse (Falkirk Herald 10 May 1933, 16).


Since 1933 the clubhouse has been greatly altered and extended.

Contractors – Duncan Stewart (Bonnybridge) Ltd.

G.B. Bailey, 2021