Denny Parish Church

Denny Old                                                                      (SMR424)

NS 8117 8274

Denny Sun Dial
Sundial at Hallhouse


1601: Disjoined from Falkirk.

The only remnant of this church is a sundial at Hallhouse.

1813: New church erected.   It was rectangular plan, built of squared rubble with backset margins and quoins, measuring 45ft 6ins by 58ft over walls 2ft 6ins thick.   The walls rose from a low plinth to a moulded eaves-course continued as a flat string across the ends.  The gables finish in plain tabling and the roof is slated.  Each side wall contains four high pointed windows with wooden tracery.

1819: Steeple added.  A square bell tower with a short spire and four turrets built onto the east gable.    The  tower  is  divided  into  three  stages,   the  upper  two successively  set back;  the lower scarcement is marked by a stringcourse  and the  upper  only by a moulded cornice.   The central stage shows three clock-dials, and in the bell chamber above there are twin louvred lights in each face.  The tower finishes in a crenellated parapet with finials at the corners, and above rises a short slated spire with a leaden top and a weather vane.  The main entrance to the church was made through the base of the tower.

Denny Parish Church

1838: “Cleaned and beautified internally”.

1861: Gas introduced.

1928:  New hall opened to the north of the church in April.  It consisted of a large hall to seat 360 people, a session house, kitchen, vestry, etc and cost £2,200.  The church was closed for 13 months during which time it was gutted and new galleries and fixtures inserted.  An arched chancel was placed at the west end of the church, with marble floor and oak woodwork.  An apsidal addition at the lower part of the tower built with battlemented wall head.  Seating re-arranged to face west.   New organ chamber and an extended porch.  J Jeffrey Waddell, Glasgow, was the architect and Duncan Stewart of Bonnybridge the mason.

1990: Church hall extended to the west.

Joint charge with Haggs Parish Church.


1945: Manse sold and temporary residence purchased.


1928: Pulpit gifted by Jessie Kidd; communion table, chair and silver vessels by Alexander Dickson; baptismal font by Kate and Mary Anderson.

1929: Two elders’ chairs gifted by Wm Alexander, West Kilbride.


1894: Gifted by Thomas McGill and built by Messrs Merrilees & Son, Glasgow, installed by Reid of Larbert.


1631:  A bell of 15.88ins diameter and inscribed 1631 IM is preserved on the stair to the gallery.  One of the canons has been broken off.


1900: Coloured lead glass installed.

1928: See separate file on stained glass.

1983: Four large south-facing windows replaced.


See separate page for war memorial.


1862: A 20 ft length of the 12 ft high retaining wall collapsed, jettisoning earth, etc over the public highway.

Denny Parish Churchyard article by Geoff Bailey (includes a list of gravestones and an alphabetical list of names)


May 1603

Ambrose, Thomas Apr 1607

Dec 1607

Seytoun, James Feb 1610

Apr 1610

Forrester, David Dec 1613

Apr 1614

Stewart, Ludovick 1624


Paterson, John 1627


Calander, Alexander Sep 1663

Dec 1663

Calander, John May 1680

Jan 1681

Wingate, John Sep 1689


Watson, John Mar 1733

Sep 1733

Stirling, James Oct 1737

Aug 1738

Bennet, William May 1746

Sep 1747

Anderson, Edward Mar 1749

Aug 1750

Turnbull, James Dec 1765

Jun 1769

Fergus, Thomas Jan 1801

Apr 1800

Dempster, John 1843

Sep 1843

M’Culloch, Colin Dec 1853

May 1854

Anderson, William Nov 1855

May 1856

Falconer, Alexander Jun 1892

Jul 1892

MacGregor, Alexander Oram May 1904

Nov 1904

Macara, Alexander Apr 1944

Dec 1943

Lawrie, Robert George


Munroe, Henry


Smith, Richard
Arif, Raheel

G.B. Bailey (2019)