Denny West Church

Denny Westpark Church


(SMR 1124)

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1843    Denny Free Church                            1900

1900    Denny West United Free Church      1929

1929    Denny West Church of Scotland        1963

1963    Denny Westpark


1843:  The Sunday after the Free Church walked out the beadle and an elder of Denny stood at the Parish Church gate and directed worshippers to a malt barn at Easter Boreland.  Worship subsequently continued in a barn at Risk Farm, Dunipace, then in Dunipace Church.

1840s:   Church erected.   The stones came from Thorndike quarry and were carried free of charge by those members of the congregation with carts.

1870: Church hall built (still there).

1899:  As a result of a large donation it was decided to build a new church rather than continue with a plan to renovate the old one.   During the work the congregation worshipped in the Mission Hall, the old church having been demolished.  The memorial stone was lain on 25th November 1899.

1900:  New church opened December in place of the 1843 building.   Cost £3000 from plans prepared by James Strang, Falkirk.  The design is Gothic.  There are two entrances to the church, and a stair to the left of the main entrance leads to the gallery.  Over the main entrance is a belfry.  Masons Messrs Stewart and Son, Bonnybridge.   The date of its erection was auspicious in that it became the first United Free Church to be opened since the Union.

1942: Church suppressed.

1949: Restored to full status.

1963: October 1st.  Union with Denny Broompark to form Denny Westpark.

1979:  Dec.   New  halls  built on the south side of the church at  a  cost  of £156,000,  the  money  being  provided by the council in exchange  for  the  old Broompark Church building.


1850: Manse built to the south of the church.

2006:  Manse demolished.


1900: Gifted by Mr Wright of Gogarfield.


1948: Communion chairs and table in memory of James Sawers.


1900: 400.


See separate entry for stained glass.


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Dempster, John 1855


Cowie, James 1890

Nov 1890

Durwood, Peter Calder Dec 1906

Mar 1907

Smith, William Campbell 1911

Jan 1912

Rodger, Robert 1942

May 1949

McTaggart, Dugald William Jul 1967

Mar 1968

Chalmers, George Angus 1986

Aug 1986

Cranston, R. Douglas 1992


Johnstone, Mark E 1999


Cooke, Alison

G.B. Bailey (2019)