Larbert Parish

Articles about Larbert Parish or area and the churches within, written by various named authors.

Carron Church by Geoff Bailey

Carronshore Parish Church by Geoff Bailey

Falkirk Free Church by Geoff Bailey

Larbert Baptist Church by Geoff Bailey

Larbert Free Church by Geoff Bailey

Larbert Old Parish Church by Ian Scott

Larbert Parish Church by Geoff Bailey

Larbert Old Parish Churchyard by Geoff Bailey (Includes a complete Index of gravestones and names)

Larbert R.C. Church by Geoff Bailey

Larbert West Church by Geoff Bailey

McLaren Jubilee Memorial Church by Geoff Bailey

Stenhouse and Carron Church by Brian Watters

Universalist Church by Geoff Bailey

Stained Glass in Larbert



1977:  Meetings at 323 Main Street, Larbert.



Carron Mission.

See Dawson Mission within Falkirk Parish.



1880s: Met in Howe School, Stenhousemuir.

1892, Dec: New hall opened.  It was of corrugated iron lined with wood.

1915: Hall occupied by troops until April 1916.

1928: Closed, following death of John Kay who had been a moving member.



NS 8561 8317

Assemblies of God

1939: Hall physically moved to west side of Stirling Road near to the parish church.

1950s: Hall built with gable facing Broomage Ave.



NS 8768 8349

According to Gillespie a tree covered mound a short distance east of Anton’s Hill known as Mount Jerrat was the site of a chapel and that the Chapel Burn derives its name from this site.  A chapel is shown on early plans, eg RHP1553 – Plan of Stenhouse, dated 1821, on the north side of King Street.