Alphabetical List of Ironfounding Companies

Abbot’s Foundry Co.Abbot’s Iron Works
Adam, Alexander & SonsAdam’s Foundry
Ashwell & KennardFalkirk Iron Works
Baird Cowie & Co.Forth & Clyde Iron Works
Ballantine, A. & Sons,New Grange Foundry
Ballantine Bo’ness Iron Co.New Grange Foundry
Blackadder Bros.Garrison Foundry
Blair & DavidsonWoodlea Foundry
Boghead Foundry Co.Boghead Foundry
Bo’ness Foundry Co.Bo’ness Iron Works
Bo’ness Iron Co.Bo’ness Iron Works, Dock Foundry
Bonnymuir Malleable & Cast Iron Co.Bonnymuir Foundry
Broomside Foundry (1922) Co.Broomside Foundry
Burnbank Foundry Co.Burnbank Foundry
Burr & Co.Abbot’s Iron Works
CadellBridgeness Foundry
Callendar Abbots Iron Cos. Ltd.Abbot’s Iron Works, Callendar Abbots Foundry
Callendar Abbots & Dobbie ForbesCallendar Abbots & Dobbie Forbes
Callendar Iron Co.Callendar Iron Works
Camelon Iron Co.Camelon Iron Works
Campbell, Ferguson & Co.Broomhill Foundry
Carmuirs Iron Co.               Carmuirs Iron Works
Carron Co.Carron Iron Works, Mungal Foundry
Carron Phoenix   Carron Iron Works
Carron StainlessCarron Iron Works
Castings Co.Woodlea Foundry
Cochranes (Bo’ness) Ltd.Seaview Foundry
Cockburn, M. & Co.Gowanbank Foundry, Springfield Foundry
Couper, Alexander & Co.Dunipace Foundry
Crosthwaite, R.W.Camelon Iron Works
Crosthwaite, Miller & Co.Union Foundry
Crosthwaite, Ure & Co.Denny Iron Works
Dalderse Iron Co.Dalderse Foundry
Davis Gas Co. Ltd.Springfield Foundry
Dobbie, James & Co.Banknock Foundry
Dobbie, Forbes & Co.Larbert Iron Works
Dorrator Iron Co.Dorrator Foundry
Falkirk Diamond Steel Co. Ltd.Springfield Foundry
Falkirk Foundry Co.Falkirk Iron Works
Falkirk Iron Co.Castlelaurie Iron Works
Forth & Clyde Iron Co.Forth & Clyde Iron Works
Forth & Sunnyside Iron Co.Forth & Clyde Iron Works, Sunnyside Foundry
Forth Alloys Ltd.Muirhall Foundry
Forthbank Foundry Co.Forthbank Foundry
Gael Iron Co.Gael Foundry
Gibson, J.E. & Co.Salton Iron Works
Gillespies Ltd.Chattan Foundry
Gillies, David & Sons Ltd.Bonnybridge Forge
Glover & MainGothic Iron Works
GlynwedFalkirk Iron Works, Larbert Iron Works
Grahamston Iron Co.Grahamston Foundry
Grange Iron Co.Etna Foundry, Grange Iron Works
Grangemouth Iron Co.Grange Iron Works
Hoole, H.E. & Co.Castlelaurie Iron Works
Horn & Co.Rosebank Foundry
Jones & Campbell Ltd.Torwood Foundry
Kennard, R.W. & Co.Falkirk Iron Works
Kennard & SonsFalkirk Iron Works
Kinneil Iron Co.Kinneil Iron Works
Kirkwood, JamesVictoria Foundry ?
Lane & GirvanCaledonia Stove Works
Lane & Girvan (1961) Ltd.Caledonia Stove Works
Larbert Foundry Ltd.Larbert Iron Works
Linlithgow Iron Co.Linlithgow Iron Works
Longbotham & DyerBroomridge Foundry
Longbotham & DyerCastlelaurie Iron Works, Laurieston Foundry
Machan Engineering Ltd.Comelybank Foundry
McKillopLaurieston Foundry
Main, R. & A.Gothic Iron Works
Miller, James, Son & Co.Abbot’s Iron Works
Mitchell, George & SonsBonnymuir Foundry, Broomhill Foundry
Mitchell, Russell & Co. Ltd.Bonnymuir Foundry, Chattan Foundry
Mitchell BrothersPeeweep Foundry
Morrison, James & Co.Seaview Iron Works
Orr, McLean & Co.Abbot’s Iron Works
Parkhouse Iron Co.Parkhouse Iron Works
Paul & MacLachlanCarronbank Foundry
Paul & WyperComelybank Foundry
Paul, G. & Co.Duncarron Foundry
Paul BrothersRosebank Foundry
Pender, Wm. & Co.Springfield Foundry
Reid & RankineForthbank Foundry
Repton Foundry (Scotland) Ltd.Caledonia Stove Works
Robertson & WhitelawGael Foundry
Roebucks, Garbett & CadellsCarron Iron Works
Rosebank Foundry Co.Forth & Clyde Iron Works
Russel & Co.Almond Iron Works
Russell, Henry & Co.Lady’s Mill Foundry
Scottish Central Foundry Co.Central Foundry
Scottish Enamelling Co. Ltd.Scottish Enamelling Works
Smith & WellstoodBonnybridge Foundry, Chattan Foundry, Columbian Stove Works
Smith, Fullerton & Co.Camelon Iron Works
Snab Foundry Co.Snab Foundry
Steele, Miller & Co.Bo’ness Iron Works
Steven & Co.Carronbank Foundry
Steven & WallaceCarronbank Foundry
Stirlingshire Iron Co.Stirlingshire Stove Works
Summerford Iron Co.Summerford Foundry
Sunnyside Iron Co.Sunnyside Foundry
Tayforth Foundry Ltd.Muirhall Foundry
Taylor, R. & Co.Muirhall Foundry
Taylor GroupMuirhall Foundry
Ure & CoBonnybridge Foundry, Columbian Stove Works
Ure, George & CoBonnybridge Foundry
Walker, Hunter & Co.Portdownie Iron Works
Walker, Turnbull & Co.Portdownie Iron Works
Walker BrothersMerchiston Foundry
Watson, Gow & Co.Etna Foundry
Whitelaw, W.R. & Co.Gael Foundry
Whyte & BradfordVictoria Foundry
Wilson, John & Co.Kinneil Iron Works
Wilson, George & CoKinneil Iron Works
Diagram showing the union of foundries to form the combine known as Callendar Abbots:

G.B. Bailey, 2021