Forbes Mausoleum

 The Forbes family mausoleum is situated in the woods about 800 yards south east of Callendar House.

     It takes the form of a temple from the Classical period, circular with twelve fluted doric columns set on a drum podium.It was designed by Archibald Elliot and dated 1816.  The Mausoleum was erected on the death of  the first William Forbes in 1815.  Several members of the Forbes family are buried there and there is a small graveyard in a surrounding enclosure for the deceased workers of the estate.

Above the doorway of the Mausoleum there is an inscription in Greek which appears to be a verse by the poet Lucian.  A free but reasonably accurate rendering of this is:

All things we mortals call our own
Are mortal too and quickly flown;
But could they all for ever stay,
We soon from them must pass away.

The Mausoleum has been unused for many years and is sealed up to prevent further vandalism.

Ian Scott (2007)